You don’t need to solve the problem…

Swiss psychologist, Carl Jung said: “Our greatest problems cannot be solved, only outgrown.”

The ego loves the role of “problem-solver” as it draws attention to itself for being smart, being creative or being right and falsely claims it’s worth from such events.

I have a coaching practice and it would seem I’m hired to solve problems and in a sense I am and in another sense, I’m not a solver at all…only a pointer to the truth: love, suffering, reality, humility, grace, surrender, etc.

One of the biggest problems my clients face (as do I) is setting high expectations and chronically existing inside of states of disappointment when they’re not met.

There really is no rational solution to this problem.

It’s only through the necessary humiliations of repeated let downs that we start to learn to surrender our need for anything outside of us to fulfill us.

Ironically, it’s when we move into the stillness of silence that we begin to sense the source of our pain and choose to stop feeding it and in that moment, we don’t solve it as much as we outgrow it.

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