The foundation is missing…

I see so many people with the best of intentions, come out of the gate running, headed for greatness, only to fall flat on their face and back into familiar ways.

From personal experience, may I share a secret?

You can only climb as high as your foundation is deep.

By foundation, I mean having a fundamental structure in how you operate, which may include and is not limited to…

  1. Knowing your 3 most important, personal values
  2. Identifying your personal boundaries (what you do/don’t do)
  3. Honoring a sleep/wake schedule
  4. Simple, fulfilling morning and evening rituals
  5. A personal manifesto, an enlightened and inspiring statement of intent

Don’t make it too complicated and do realize the development of a foundation is a process and not an event that begins and ends this coming Monday.

While it can feel like “fixin to get ready,” the whole purpose of developing a stable base is to have something you can reliably build upon–a task for the mature mind.

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