Putting diet and exercise in it’s rightful place

In just a few weeks, you’ll have millions of people abusing diet and exercise programs to prove their worth.

They’ll never say that, they’ll use the code word: “Improving my health.”

There are several problems with this…

  • You may end up looking good but you won’t feel any better because your outer world cannot heal your inner world
  • The most common struggles of perfectionism, people-pleasing and self-doubt cannot by healed in the physical realm because they’re spiritual issues
  • This strategy will further increase demands (exercise) and reduce resources (diet), drawing you ever deeper into survival mode
  • You’re still fundamentally subscribed to the all-or-none, more-is-better, no-pain-no-gain mentality that will forever make self-care feel like something you have to do and you’ll never enjoy or feel rewarded by it

At best, diet and exercise is a small part of a balanced lifestyle and even movement and meal plan perfection can’t balance your lifestyle.

As an alternative, treat yourself as a Whole Person: MindBodySpirit by slowing down and breathing and if you’re paying attention, you’ll finally notice you’re not in an emotional state conducive to transformation.

Don’t change your diet or exercise routine, change your state…and your healthy habits will naturally follow your happy state.

“Good order is the foundation of all things.” Edmund Burke

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