Your problem most likely isn’t…

…the problem!

Your perceived problem (symptom) and the "actual" problem (cause) are most likely different!

Weight gain can be seen as the problem. The actual problem may be unresolved emotional pain that's being managed with food and therefore manifesting physically.

Anxiety is often seen as the problem. The actual problem may be related to control and your inability to surrender and accept reality as it is (including the fact you're anxious) and therefore manifesting hormonally.

Low energy is often seen as the problem. The actual problem may be that you're overcommitted, under-delivering and hustling to make up for lack of self-worth and therefore manifesting physiologically.

It's OK to treat the symptom so long as you know you're treating it and realize that fundamentally, it will not improve until the cause is addressed.

FYI, if you're a healthcare professional, please realize most people aren't aware of the difference between symptoms and their root causes. Be gentle when shifting the conversation to a causative level. If you go too far too fast, their defensiveness, body language, and tone will quickly let you know. Don't run away from their threshold, just hover around it.

"Every why hath a wherefore." William Shakespeare



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