You’re perfect...

There’s nothing wrong with you!!!

At all, not even a little bit, not a smidge.

You’re a perfect representation of every experience you’ve had up until this point.

Every experience with fear and faith, doubt and confidence, rejection and acceptance, guilt and grace, failure and breakthrough, pride and humility, shame and honor, worthlessness and worthiness, entitlement and gratitude, anxiety and peace, depression and joy, rigidity and vulnerability, comfort and courage, scarcity and abundance, failure and success, expectation and reality, control and surrender, friction and flow and life and death has shaped your very being today.

Own it, all of it, every ounce.

It’s tempting to hide your imperfections, your less-than moments, and your pain.

When you do, you’re not authentic, you’re not relatable, and you’re not invested in humanity.

The way to transcend is to include all previous versions of yourself, including those ill-defining experiences that have made you so wonderfully perfect today.

"Life is the art of drawing without an eraser." John W. Gardner



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