You gotta feel the bad shit first, then...'re capable of feeling the good shit.

I love the immense creativity and generosity I see every day, with so many people sharing their best strategies for living a happy, healthy life.

What I'm noticing though is an unintentional avoidance of the processing and embodiment of pain so that we're authentically positioned to lead vibrant, vital lives.

For years, I'd try to push my pain down and shit aside and remain focused on all that was good in life.

Allowing the BS to surface felt limiting, pitiful, and counterproductive to what was important to me.

Little did I know, not only was resisting my pain causing it to persist but resisting my pain also delayed my capacity for deep, profound transformation.

When studying Chain-Reaction Biomechanics®, one principle the Gray Institute taught me was "load to explode."

For instance, if I wanted to jump (explode), the first thing I had to do was squat (load)--in other words, the way up is down!

As it ends up, the same concept applies to the emotional realm as well.

If you want to truly, freely embrace "good" feelings (peace, love, joy) as a way of being in the world, you've got to willingly, intentionally allow yourself to feel the "bad" feelings first (anger, anxiety, sadness).

The bottom line is, there's no way around this GAP; pain is part of the deal, and the best way out is through!

Pain, as in every experience you've ever felt inferior, excluded, insignificant, invalid, or worthless--sit in it, sit with it, fully feeling it.

You can either consciously rest in your pain or subconsciously continue running from and transmitting upon everyone and everything around you.

But once you feel the bad shit, then, and only then will you be fully capable of receiving and participating in the good shit.

"What makes you vulnerable makes you beautiful." Brene Brown



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