You don't need to make it a great day

I've written several times about the phrase: "Have a good day."

It's a lackluster, uninspired, passive departing statement.

Instead, I suggest saying: "Make it a great day!"

It's filled with encouragement, empowerment, and responsibility.

Once you start saying it, you'll find yourself becoming increasingly accountable to the quality of your days as well.

Recently, I've realized there's not even a need to make the day great because the day is inherently great and we simply get to participate in it.

Of course, what truly makes a day great has nothing to do with what's going on in our lives but the fact we even have a life to live.

Once you take your first breath, everything else is the icing on the cake.

Then, when you lower all expectations, not only do you get to have your cake, but you get to eat it too.

No, the phrase doesn't change and yes, the day is great because that's what days are.

"The price of greatness is responsibility." Winston Churchill



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