You can't disappointment me

Over the years, several clients have confessed to lying to me, telling me they did something they really didn't do.

They feared by telling the truth; they would disappoint me.

What they spare in embarrassment from having to be the bearer of "bad news," they pay for in guilt--sad story.

Interestingly, these disclosures are far more frequent now that I'm a MindBodySpirit® Coach (as opposed to when I was a personal trainer), which joyously reveals that I've created a safe environment that permits healthy expression of painful emotions.

Our conversations touch on these key points...

  • The only person you're capable of letting down is yourself.

  • Manipulating how I perceive you is a form of control.

  • Our relationship is not conditional or performance-based.

  • It's only through failure that we can improve--the way up is down!

  • Let's take this as an opportunity to remind ourselves of why we're here.

The entire conversation is restorative, relational, and rejuvenating in nature; there's no top-down punitive, disciplinary, and shame-fueled pinning against the wall (though the fitness industry is complicit in this reputation).

The only appropriate method here is LOVE.

"Show me all the parts of you that you don't love, so I know where to begin." Ava



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