You can STOP hustling for your worth because...'re already worthy!

We're all born worthy of love and belonging as we're an expression of and connected to the Source of peace, love, and joy. In other words, we never had to earn our worth as babies, we were just worthy because we were alive. Then, somewhere along the way, we've all had experiences that told us otherwise: that we're not cool enough, smart enough, attractive enough, etc.

At a young age, we lack the emotional maturity and abstraction to see the events of our lives as separate from our divine identity and as a result, we move into an inferior position and place an unworthy label upon ourselves.

Insert hustle and grind…

From this position, the question we continuously ask ourselves is: What do I have to do to become/feel: worthy, important, significant, appreciated, and lovable? The answer inevitably becomes: people-pleasing, perfectionism, six-pack abs, material possessions, achievements, intelligence, the perfect diet, social media likes, our bank account, and the list goes on and on.

Unfortunately, each time we invest in something outside of ourselves (extrinsically) to prove our worth (intrinsically), ironically, it reduces our worth even more because happiness is an inside job. Furthermore, once we "get there/achieve it," we realize we still don't like ourselves and get to thinking: Why would anyone else like me if I don't like me? People live their entire lives this way and it's a perpetuating, vicious, and depressing cycle.

The good news is you don't have to do anything to become worthy BECAUSE YOU ALREADY ARE WORTHY! All you've got to do is observe it, recognize it as a pure gift, and accept it. That's it—are you willing to accept that there's nothing you can do today or ever that will make you any more worthy than you are in this very moment?

From a worthiness consciousness, we can finally rest inside of our being, extend forgiveness to those who have betrayed us, exchange compassion for criticism, lower the unrealistic expectations we place upon ourselves and others and wake up saying YES to each day.

"When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change." Wayne Dyer



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