Why we wait till the 11th hour

Procrastination is usually chalked up to laziness, demotivation, or a lack of grittiness, but this fearful behavior goes many layers deep.

If you want to understand, rather than judge it, you'll have to zoom out.

Behaviors --> Beliefs --> Experiences

Behaviors are driven by beliefs and beliefs are formed by experiences.

For instance, say you grew up in an environment where love was withheld when you didn't meet your parent's expectations; and this experience caused you to believe it's unsafe to take risks. In turn, it's safer to procrastinate and do nothing than it is to put love on the line.

The consensus is we wait till the 11th hour because we're disorganized, sabotaging, or we thrive at crunch time.

No, it's not any of that. Our brain is a memory-prediction machine, and it will do anything it can to avoid having it's limiting core beliefs validated.

The process of addressing important work in a timely manner is complicated, but it starts with the awareness that you fear recreating and reliving your past, all over again.

" the diary we all carry about with us." Oscar Wilde



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