Why we stay the same

After 20 years of serving the health, fitness, and wellness industry, I have to say that my notion of transformation has significantly changed.

I used to think it came through changing my ways of being, but that never worked!

It actually happened by having a better understanding of why I was choosing to stay the same.

There are so many reasons why we stagnate, here's some of what I've noticed in my journey...

1. I was modeling behavior my parents experientially taught me

2. I felt safer and more in control when things stayed the same

3. I had strongly-held limiting beliefs that conflicted with the change I wanted to make

4. I was scared I still wouldn't like myself even once I changed

5. I defined myself by the painful experiences of my past

I've come to learn that all of these stories I was telling myself were the byproduct of my last example: defining myself by the painful experience of my past.

While our experiences influence us, they are not WHO we are, but when we believe they are, it's who we become and remain.

Take some time to consider the difference between who you are (identity) and what happened to you (experiences)--once you unravel that mystery, everything changes and nothing stays the same.

"Sameness is the mother of disgust, variety the cure." Petrarch



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