Why do you chronically...

...check your texts, emails, and social statuses?

One of the first things I'll do with a new MindBodySpirit client is assess the relationship between their lifestyle demands and resources?

More often than not, they're in survival mode with lifestyle demands far outweighing their resources.

One demand that blows my mind is the frequency at which people pick up their phone and the amount of time they'll spend checking their email, text, and social accounts.

I never ask people to change their behaviors; I only ask them to question WHY they engage them to begin with.

  • What's the function of the behavior?

  • What purpose does it serve?

  • What does it help you avoid?

  • What emotions are you feeling when you're performing them?

  • What are the narratives you're telling yourself?

  • What triggered you to pick up your phone?

  • What happens when you resist picking up the phone?

  • How long until you feel the impulse to do it again?

Most people have a minimal response to all of these questions, suggesting they're operating at a low level of consciousness, which is always the result of subconscious attachments to painful experiences.

These questions, in essence, are an opportunity for someone to wake up!

More often than not, the source of this behavior is the root of just about all of their protective ways of being.

Finding the answers requires curiosity, willingness to confront painful emotions, and desire to outgrow the status quo.

"There are three things extremely hard: steel, a diamond, and to know one's self." Benjamin Franklin



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