Why ALL of my clients are successful

Wanna know my secret--why 100% of my clients are successful?

It's all in my approach.

There's no price to pay for this catalytic insight, but you may want to put it into practice...

My strategy is to introduce ❤️ into my client's lives and let ❤️ do what ❤️ does in the time ❤️ takes to do it.

That's it!

It's not about me: what books I've read, which questions I ask, or how I respond to failure.

It's hardly about them: if they did what they said they were going to, if they put in 100% effort, or if they fell back into protective patterns.

It's entirely about ❤️, about mirroring their worth in every interaction, about extending grace when they reveal their humanity, and about teaching them to open their ❤️space again in spite of previous experiences of pain, fear, and rejection.

The only challenge really is, will they be will be vulnerable, courageous and trusting enough to let ❤️ in, because once they do, I know they will pay ❤️ forward, and that's what it means to be successful.

"To educate the mind without educating the ❤️ is no education at all." Aristotle



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