Which axis are you operating on?

The "x" axis runs horizontally, the "y" axis runs vertically.

Almost every challenge I've observed in my life, as well as those faced by my client's, run predominantly along the y axis.

The y axis is problematic because it's managed by the ego.

When it comes to the ego, everything is up or down: you're either having a good day or a bad day, winning or losing, happy or sad, for me or against me and on-track or off-track.

It's stuck in a vicious cycle of competing and comparing, weighing and measuring and proving and negating.

It's constantly measuring its worth, status, intellect, authority, influence, etc.

It reads reality as all-or-none, black-or-white and no tolerance for middle ground.

The ego faces very predictable challenges living a vertical life: it never feels good enough, it's only as good as its last performance, complement or achievement and is constantly threatened.

And it will live like this for as long as it can, trying to maintain control and its hierarchical position and damning anyone that gets in its way.

The one thing the ego never at rest.

The x axis is peacefully managed by the soul.

It views reality through a much wider lens and therefore, plays a very different game.

The soul doesn't concern itself with verticality because it realize it has both nothing to prove and nothing to lose.

It simply finds its joy from within.

The soul senses "success" from the very first breath it takes each morning.

It doesn't suspend joy or try to manufacture happiness, it's perfectly content and fulfilled by participating in the present moment.

It intuitively knows there is no "there" and "here" is the light at the end of the tunnel.

It doesn't need to meet high expectations for a cheap thrill and sees effort as an opportunity to express love.

The soul seeks no destination or finish line, it simply loves along the way until it's time is up and was grateful for every experience, both painful and comforting, ordinary and rewarding and imperfect and divine.

Once you realize the battles fought along the y axis never end and can't be won, surrender will all of a sudden feel like winning.

"Ego says: Once everything falls into place, I'll feel peace. Spirit says: Find your peace and everything will fall into place." Marianne Williamson



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