Wherever you lack awareness... will suffer.

That's worth repeating: Wherever you lack awareness, you will suffer.

Maybe you suffer poor time management, financial distress, strained relationships, eating habits, or a lack of boundaries; this is largely because mindfulness is missing in these aspects of your life.

The first step to improving your situation is NOT to take action; that's the third step.

Step one is to become aware of your suffering and observe how you're participating in your challenges, subconsciously.

Step two is to be accountable and take ownership of what's been brought into your awareness.

Step three is to surrender that way of being through new, redefining action.

Lastly, one must have agency over the entire process, otherwise, scapegoating, codependency, and passivity remains.

Suffering dissolves when sight improves!

"Until we learn how to see things differently, nothing new ever happens for us." Richard Rohr



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