When protective behaviors... longer make sense!

Most people consciously try improving their behaviors, and that's why it hardly ever works.

We think we have to be more devoted, dedicated, and disciplined, but it has NOTHING to do with any of those things. It's more generous and accurate to say that we're struggling to connect to the present moment, consumed by painful, emotional attachments.

Almost all behavior is a subconscious response to one's Identity (WHO they think they are), which is shaped by their perception of their experiences.

The reason why conscious behavior change doesn't work is that you can't fix subconscious problems consciously!

The protective behaviors that emanate from a poor self-image (people-pleasing, scapegoating, rehearsing the past, prejudice, emotional eating, self-criticism, snoozing, gossiping, oversharing, tardiness, etc.) are problematic, but they're not to be confused with the actual problem/root cause, which is a feeling of separateness.

When someone who has a limited Identity rediscovers who they are apart from the painful experiences of their past (True Self), they have a foundational shift in Identity, leading to a sense of intrinsic goodness and eternal worth.

Once you're aligned with your original nature, protective behaviors no longer make sense, because they're a contradiction to your restored self-image.

"Obsolescence never meant the end of anything; it's just the beginning." Marshall McLuhan

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