What to do when you're not taking yourself seriously...

Day in and day out, you set out with the best of intentions and somehow continue to fall short of what you know you're capable of.

Invariably, you become consumed by feelings of anxiety, anger and shame.

Great--those are healthy emotions given this reality (we just don't want to get stuck here)!

Now, allow yourself to be necessarily humiliated by your feelings and then intend to transform your pain into your potential.

The two roads to transformation are experiences of great love and great the context of this message, love is showing up for yourself and suffering is when you don't.

Quietly sit with your pain and embody the hostility, disgust and resentment and let it come to a head and rather than transmit that pain onto someone or into something else, convert it into something magical, generous and constructive.

That's both an art and a skill and evidence of a great Love within you.

Be sure to extend yourself compassion knowing you're a byproduct of all your life experiences, then surrender your attachment to and identification with those experiences and finally decide, on purpose to become whom you ought to be.

You don't need permission, reassurance or certainty, you have the opportunity to choose yourself in spite of yourself, simply because you can.

"We cannot think ourselves into new ways of living, we can only live ourselves into new ways of thinking." Richard Rohr



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