What is the purpose of life?

Updated: Jul 5

Based on the challenges I come across in my coaching practice, I often wonder: What is the purpose of life?

Is it to be rich?

Is it to be famous?

Is it to make everyone else happy?

Is it about getting your to-do list done?

Is it to perfect your diet and exercise plan?

If it's not any of those things, then why are they taken so seriously and cause so much stress when not realized?

They may not be the purpose of life, but they are seemingly how our culture defines success and, therefore, create an illusion of meaning.

Only the contemplative mind can cut through the world of fantasy, embrace silence, and allow the purpose of life to reveal itself.

Otherwise, you'll remain wrapped up in endless tactics, confusing performance with purpose, strategy for significance, and ROI for relevance.

After spending many years in stillness and silence, I can't say I've discovered the purpose of life as much as what I see has changed.

The purpose of my life is to:

Live on purpose.

Live heaven on earth.

Give and receive love.

Share my gifts with the world.

Reflect the goodness I see in others back to them.

This wasn't always my list though, previously, it was the prior one, and now I can see it had to fail me to evolve into my current one.

What I like most about my list is it keeps me light and free, it doesn't place any pressure or awkward demands upon me, it honors and respects my individuality, it satiates my needs, it leads to generosity, and it keeps humble and full of grace.

"The purpose of life is to live a life of purpose." Richard Leider



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