What I'm most triggered by is...

...when I see others acting like me at my worst.

I think I'm judging, criticizing and disliking them but if I'm being really honest, I'm hating the reflection of myself.

Oh but it feels so good to stand in a righteous position of moral superiority, appointing myself to higher grounds through a display of their "less-than" moments.

Behaviorally, my lack of compassion puts me right alongside "them."

I've been devoted to a practice of self-acceptance and by learning how to love myself in spite of my faults, I'm learning how to replace judgment with curiosity.

As I breathe into the reality of what I'm observing, I ask myself: "I wonder why they're doing what they're doing? What would their behavior suggest they believe about themselves? What experiences might have shaped the beliefs driving their behavior?"

The nature of those questions stem from a spirit of compassion and asking them is just as healing for me as it is considerate of them--a true win-win!

I'm only able to extend that generosity because experientially, I'm extending it to myself.

Ends up, we treat others the way we treat ourselves.



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