What exactly happens during a MindBodySpirit® Coaching session?

Before I can answer this question, you first have to understand how I've connected MindBodySpirit®.

After 10 years of unsuccessfully personally training people and getting tired of chasing people's symptoms, I had an epiphany: "People were coming to me to enhance their Body but it was their Mind holding them back and their Spirit that was suffering."

This realization helped me understand why personal training wasn't working for my clients.

I was training their Body but it was their Mind that needed conditioning!

You might even say my clients were successful because their Body was looking good but what I observed was their Mind wasn't feeling good.

They were still operating as their own biggest critics and worst enemies, they were still filled with self-doubt and insecurity, they were still struggling with perfectionism and people-pleasing and they were still resentful of their past and worried about their futures...but at least their arms and abs were toned?!?!

While feeling good leads to looking good, looking good does not lead to feeling good because nothing outside of us can make us feel good--happiness is an inside job!

What I came to realize was their lack of feeling good eventually led to them "falling off track" and because they didn't understand the mechanics at play, they blamed a lack of motivation, busy work schedule, challenging relationships, genetics, etc., for their regression.

When all the while, they were unconsciously aligning their Body with their Mind or said another way, their Body simply became a reflection of their critical, insecure and disbelieving Mind.

Now I can tell you what happens during a MindBodySpirit® Coaching session.

In short, I work through the Mind to uplift the Spirit and transform the Body. And by Body, I don't just mean the physical Body, it also includes one's physical reality.

Here are the top 5 things that happen in my sessions...

1. I help people understand how their experiences shape them: how ill-defining experiences form limiting beliefs that drive protective behaviors and lead to unwanted symptoms, then empower them to initiate redefining experiences

2. I help people understand they have many brains: how their rational mind, the one that says "I know what to do" interacts with their emotional mind, the one that says "but I just don't do it" and how to satisfy the needs of their emotional mind so the rational mind can get what it wants

3. I help them slow down and access the present moment: I create awareness around exactly what it feels like to live in the past and in the future and help them experientially understand what it feels like to live in the present moment, the only place transformation occurs, then how to combat the resistance associated with showing up for

4. I help them reframe reality, practice empathy and be compassionate: once they see there is only one reality and 7 billion relative versions of it (one for each person on earth), I challenge them to see it differently and more generously and once they do, it helps them change their narrative and empowers them to release the painful emotions attached to the old storylines

5. I help them to stop hustling for their worth: oftentimes, the reference point for their worth are painful memories of the past but I help them recontextualize those experiences and reassign their worth to something much greater and far more stable than their memories and once they get it, they no longer do things to become worthy, they do things to express their worthiness

If you didn't notice, what I mostly do is I help them and I do it because I care and I measure success by the expansion of one's heartspace. Once they're more gentle, loving and generous and helping others to become the same, I consider myself wildly successful.

This isn't all that happens during a session and maybe it warrants a book but I can say that LOVE is at the center of the engagement.

"I feel there is nothing more artistic than loving people." Vincent van Gogh



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