What does it mean to be stuck?

Being stuck largely means reality is not matching your expectations.

Things are not going the way you had intended.

You are not in control.


If you were to lower your expectations, would you then not be stuck?

Yes, but!

But you have a narrative in your head that you're immensely attached to and you can't see things coming together any other way.

Back to control.


Surrender begins with visiting the part of yourself that's stuck, the part where expectations are held high, the part of you that's rigid, the part of you that's critical, the part of you that's wounded and scared, the insecure and unstable part of you, the part of you that's looking for happiness outside of yourself.

I'm afraid that unless you're willing to visit that part of yourself, you're unwilling to find the flow within you.

"Stop acting so small. You are the universe in ecstatic motion." Rumi



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