Week Two: Saturday Summary

The Whole Person Blog: Week Two, Day Seven - Saturday Summary

Writings inspired by Dr. Mario Martinez: The MindBody Code: How to Change the Beliefs that Limit Your Health, Longevity, and Success

Interview with Dr. Mario Martinez

Friday, January 10th, 2020

It's been much more challenging this week writing based on the MindBody Code, even though I've read the book three times. Though this book was so generously written, it's tricky extracting ideas without including the foundations from which they emanate. Nonetheless, thumbing through all my notes offered me a refreshing reminder of the power of culture. We genuinely are byproducts of our environments, so much more than we give credit for or can even fathom. In fact, while researching the topics I wanted to write about, I recalled many memories from my upbringing, which led me across both the fear and love-based sides of the emotional spectrum. It was a testament to where I'm at in my life; being able to process my feelings and come back to neutral.


Sunday: Intentions ≠ Outcomes

Even our best intentions rarely align with our desired outcome.

Monday: Prerequisite of freedom

Freedom isn't free; it requires feeling safe before anything else.

Tuesday: Observation, not interpretation

We use different parts of our brain when we observe situations vs. try to interpret them.

Wednesday: Archetypal wounds

There are universal patterns of wounding across all culture when we don't conform to cultural beliefs.

Thursday: The moral immune system

When we make decisions that dishonor our values, our immune system follows suit.

Friday: The causes of health

Through intentional living, we can engage in practices that cause us to be healthy.



If you've ever found yourself taking life too seriously, it's likely someone has told you to take it one day at a time. While generous advice, it's an overwhelming sentiment. It ends up we make about 35,000 decisions each day. My tip is to take life one decision at a time. When you connect to a single decision, you're fully participating in the present moment, which is the meaning of transformation.


The activity that deconditions us for life more than any other is sitting, and the biggest problem with sitting is stillness. As we sit, our body adapts to the compressed posture, and getting up from a chair can make us feel 100 years old. Here's a short sequence of videos I shot that will help you reverse the effects of sitting. They are game-changers!





The pattern of reality is death and resurrection. Everything dies, and everything comes back to life again. We see this in nature with the change of seasons, we experience this when we fall asleep and wake back up, and nearly all of the cells in our body continually repeat this process. Once you see the pattern, you can trust the "death" of failure, surrender, and imperfection.


We will continue exploring the MindBody Code and will review:

  • How to find someone who can support your healing journey

  • What people who live past 100 consistently do to maintain vitality

  • How abundance phobia limits us from taking what life has to offer

  • How to forgive others without needing to speak to them

  • How to move from wishfully thinking about change to taking sustainable action.

  • How to create subcultures that support your wellness journey


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"A nation's culture resides in the hearts and in the soul of its people." Mahatma Gandhi

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