Week 3: Saturday Summary

The Whole Person Blog: Week Three, Day Seven, Part 2/2 - Saturday Summary

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Saturday, January 18th, 2020

With the launch of my new online course: The Whole Person Project, increasing to 3 MindBodySpirit® Group Coaching calls per week, and exploring this longer format of writing, I can feel the pressure. This demand has required me to very tightly manage my schedule, and I'm learning how to create beauty inside of these constraints. I've had to say NO to just about every opportunity that's come across my plate, and as a recovering people-pleaser, that was no small feat. One opportunity came from a wonderful, new friend, Amy Au; she's a narrative therapist and offers a fantastic story-based membership program–check it out!

Here are a few things that went down this past week:

  • I delivered a presentation: Introduction to a Mind-First Approach® to about a dozen trainers in New York City. My good friend Daniel Lucas was kind enough to host me and has been very supportive of me over the years.

  • If you recall from Week One, I applied to attend a roundtable table discussion with Seth Godin, and I just received an email this week that I was 1/10 people accepted!

  • I was able to help someone extraordinary dealing with an overwhelming amount of grief, look at her situation through a new lens, causing her to detach from some difficult emotions, creating freedom and a sense of optimism.


Sunday: Guardians of the Heart

Part of healing from the woundedness of our past is to find someone who has our back.

Monday: One hundred years young

Learn what the 350 healthiest people in the world over 100 all have in common.

Tuesday: Abundance phobia

The prerequisite to receiving abundance in your life is feeling worthy of it.

Wednesday: Forgiveness as Liberation from Self-Entrapment

When you hold a grudge, the painful emotions associated with the misdeed become trapped in your body.

Thursday: From Wishful Thinking to Sustainable Action

Are you treating the cause of your problem or its effects?

Friday: Subcultures of Wellness

If the culture you're living in doesn't naturally produce health and happiness, then you get to create one that does.



If you wear the badge of biggest critic and worst enemy, you're overly focused on what's (overweight, depressed, scattered, etc.) happening in your life and not why (poor self-image, low-self esteem, inferiority complex, etc.). When you get to the why behind your what, there you will find self-compassion.


While exercise is optional, movement is mandatory. Our body moves in an infinite number of ways, yet we get stuck moving in a limited number of rigid patterns, deconditioning ourselves for the demands of life. Here's a short video that my buddy, Michael Cassalle, and I recorded, introducing a Movement-Based Lifestyle®.


All change starts with desire, and desire, believe it or not, has a spiritual component. In Latin, desire translates to "await what the stars will bring." While it's clear our culture at large has long abandoned that notion of desire, evident by the need for instant gratification, there are the few who do not rely on their outer world to fulfill them, and embrace the art of patiently waiting upon the stars.


Over the next two weeks, we will explore Breathing Under Water by my favorite author and human being of all time, Richard Rohr. This book is based on the 12-Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous and addresses the universal addiction we all suffer, and that is our attachment to our own ways of thinking.


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