Using encouragement to reveal discouragement

When people hire me to help them reach any goal, sure we could go diving into all their imperfections, faulty approach problems, repetitive mistakes, lack of discipline, and protective behaviors, but who wants to lean into that pain on day one?

No, thank you!

Instead, I use an overwhelming amount of encouragement, possibly more than they even received when they were cute, little kids.

When you praise someone with the intent to uplift their human spirit, at some point, you're going to hit their ceiling of abundance—where they can no longer accept your compliments because they conflict with the story they tell themselves, and in turn, they will deny them or put themselves down.

Success—this is their emotional threshold!

Asking some generous questions around these sticking points is what will lead you to the emotional drivers behind the symptoms they've presented with.

Do your work there!

Help them reframe their perspectives and tweak their narratives to remove the obstacles limiting their worth. What you'll discover is they never really needed you to help them reach their goals; they mostly needed you to believe in them so they could start loving themselves.

There is no straight line from A to B, you've got to lead them down the winding road!

"The power of a man is his present means to obtain some future, apparent good." Thomas Hobbes



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