Unhelpful quotes #2

Last week, I shared how not all quotes are created equal. And those that emanate from low levels of consciousness, a scarce mentality, a critical self-relationship, black-or-white thinking, and victimhood, while well-intentioned, are simply unhelpful.

My definition of an unhelpful quote is one that doesn't help people recognize their wholeness.

The quote I'd like to explore this week: "Today is an opportunity to get better, don't waste it."

What makes this quote unhelpful...

  • It's a backhanded form of encouragement wrapped in criticism, superiority, and apathy.

  • It suggests that people consciously waste their days, which does not consider that 98% of behaviors are subconscious.

  • It does not appreciate that protective behaviors express limiting beliefs formed by attachments to painful experiences leading to a poor self-image.

  • It assumes the purpose of life is to get better, rather than recognize ourselves as the good news, and life as a platform to express our goodness.

  • It reveals a scarce mentality relating to time as if time could ever be wasted and anything less than a sacred gift.

My sense is the author grew up in a critical, performance-based environment where worth was measured by how much they got done, and as a result, this is their measure of success and their subsequent "love language."

Here's a reframe that communicates the author's point and frees all who consume it: "Today, I hope you recognize your wholeness and see the day as an opportunity to express yourself fully."

"When you write from the heart, it's received by the heart." Michael Rizk

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