Transformation isn't available in the past or future

As a MindBodySpirit coach, people hire me to help them get where they want to be.

Within a couple sessions time, it's quite clear why they're stuck.

They are usually either consumed by their past, worried about their future, blaming others for their status or continuously questioning their worth.

In all of those scenarios, they are everywhere but the present moment, the only place transformation occurs.

Absence is usually confused with and blamed on a lack of motivation, time, access, resources or knowledge.

So the initial goal is not the goal they hired you for, it's to help them surrender their past and future, assume accountability, reveal their inherent worth and embrace the here and now.

Until this happens, transformation remains an aspirational term instead of the dynamic process it was intended to be.

"Transformational literally means going beyond your form." Wayne Dyer



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