Thinking is not the same as contemplation

Any time a client reveals a challenge they're facing, I'll often ask: How much time are you spending in contemplation?

Invariably, the answer is: Very minimal!

However, recently, a client said she was spending hours in silence, which surprised me as significant doses of silence often resolve the majority of my problems.

She went on to say that she'd spend a lot of time in the car thinking.

I was so happy she shared this as I was able to differentiate between thinking and contemplation.

In the life of an intellect, contemplation refers to thinking profoundly about something; however, from a spiritual perspective, contemplation is a kind of inner vision or seeing, occurring beneath the level of thought, emotion, and sensation.

While thinking is a form of doing, contemplation is a form of being-- postures resting on opposite sides of a spectrum.

I was able to guide her through a meditation, gently helping her surrender her attachments to thoughts, judgments, criticisms, expectations, and justifications, so that an increase in her level of consciousness, could settle her difficulties for her.

"Contemplation is the highest form of activity." Aristotle



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