There's only the here and now...

...there and later are scapegoats for our fears and insecurities.

This moment, this very moment is the only one that exists!

Don't even take the next moment for granted; that's called expectation, entitlement, and absentmindedness.

When we obsess about our futures, we separate our minds from our bodies and, unintentionally, injure our spirits.

We tell ourselves once I _____, then I'll feel _____.

We have to see the smoke and mirrors embodied within that statement!

When we keep pushing off what we could do now, at some level, we don't feel worthy, deserving, or capable of experiencing an abundant reality.

The solution is in the situation!

Which decision do you want to make here and now?

Notice I said decision and not decisions.

Pour all of your focus, energy, excitement, passion, and intention into making one decision, here and now, consistent with your preferred reality.

When you take care of here, there takes care of itself.

"The past is fixed, and the future doesn't exist." Michael Rizk



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