There are two paths, one leads to your goals...

...and the other one doesn't.

The first path looks very familiar, it's path is well-worn, it's full of easily recognizable experiences, it's decorated with beliefs that match your worldview, it's inundated with well-known patterns of thought, feeling and action and as a result; your brain is comfortable and ready to embrace this path.

The other path looks very different, it's path is lightly traveled, it's markers are few and far between, it's many forks in the road cause you to feel uneasy, it's unfamiliarity and unpredictability puts your brain on high alert and the discomfort nudges you towards the other path.

The first path is comfortably dissatisfying. It's comfortable because it represents your past and it's dissatisfying because it maintains the status quo. It's the path to known misery.

The second path is the path of uncomfortably satisfying. It's uncomfortable because it's full of uncertainty and it's satisfying because it communicates potential and possibility. It's the path to unknown joy.

When you fully love and believe in yourself, there's a foundational safety within you that supports the curious and courageous behavior associated with unknown joy.

"You can choose comfort or you can choose courage but you can't have both." Brene Brown



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