The undoing is part of the remaking

In general, when it comes to striving towards a lifestyle makeover, we're so incredibly ready to acquire new resources, develop new skills, and initiate new behaviors.

Add, add, add, we just keep on adding, perpetually thinking we need more and more to get where we want to be.

What a scarce mentality?

Ends up, we achieve more by letting go of our over-commitments, releasing the comfort of familiarity, and unlearning protective behaviors.

Approaching change through a spirit of detachment reveals our attachments!

The challenge is, surrender feels like weakness, like losing, and like dying.

Since the ego is unstable and insecure and lacks any real substance, it defines itself by that which is extrinsic to itself, hence the allure towards addition.

Once you're in alignment with your True Self, whose goodness is inherent in its identity and life Flows from a space of contentment, can you truly see that the undoing of your current ways of being IS the remaking of your evolved self.

"Art is the means we have of undoing the damage of haste." Theodore Roethke



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