The statement every perfectionist needs to finish

Once I'm perceived as perfect, then…

Perfectionism is a manifestation of the false self and a disease of the soul.

What perfectionists "see" when they think of who they are is incompleteness, inferiority, and insignificance.

The function of perfectionism is to fill this void, but of course, these scarce efforts only serve to widen the gap of insecurity.

Once you appreciate the perceived benefits of being perfect, it's helpful to recognize that nothing outside you can fulfill you.

In the words of Dr. Robert Holden: "No level of self-improvement will ever make up for a lack of self-acceptance."

Seth Godin has written quite a bit about the vital difference between perfect and good enough.

Only the True Self dares to embrace imperfection because it doesn't define itself by its performance or others response to it.

The root of perfectionism is control, to which the only antidote is surrender.

"A beautiful thing is never perfect." Egyptian Proverb



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