The side effects of treating symptoms

Our culture is notorious for symptom-chasing, placing band-aids on everything, nearly avoiding paying any attention to a potential root cause; sadly, because there's a lot of money to be made on remaining superficial.

Though, there's a tradeoff to placing tactics ahead of strategies.

Sure you can medicate yourself for hypertension instead of addressing the imbalances within your lifestyle--so long as you don't mind dizziness, nausea, or impotence.

Sure you can medicate yourself for anxiety instead of addressing the underlying control mechanisms at play--so long as you don't mind headaches, insomnia, or low libido.

Sure you can medicate yourself for Type 2 diabetes instead of modifying your consumption of polyunsaturated fats--so long as you don't mind skin rashes, kidney complications, or the taste of metal.

Once you give yourself a moment to think about it, the search for a magic pill IS the ultimate victim mentality; life is happening to me, and I need someone other than me to fix me.

No, I'm not interested in changing my ways of being, I'm mostly interested in resolving the symptoms associated with living this way.

This is NOT a people problem, nor is it a pharmaceutical problem; it's a scarcity problem, driven by the insatiability of and over-identification with egoic values, manifested in our culture.

"History is a symptom of our disease." Mao Zedong



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