The other kind of to-do list

By default, to-do lists are have to-do lists.

They don't work!

Well, they work in the sense that you get to check off a bunch of boxes on tasks that won't significantly improve your quality of life--urgent, unimportant tasks.

They're mostly the activities that keep you afloat, just shy of drowning, and by no means, a gateway towards thriving.

Though, there's another kind of list, one that's filled with as much passion, excitement, and transformation as you can handle.

It's a get to-do list!

Anything you plan on doing, you can decide that you have to do it or that you get to do it, your choice.

Once you realize there's really not much of anything you have to do, you're fully empowered to reframe every last activity as a get to do.

You don't have to go to work; you don't have to work out, you don't have to meditate, you don't have to eat healthily, hell, you don't even have to eat.

Sure there's tradeoffs and consequences for your actions, but don't continue fooling yourself into believing you have to do anything...because you don't.

We all have the power of free will, and once we understand that life becomes one big opportunity, full of privilege, gratitude, and agency.

"The best gift you can gift to yourself is to surround yourself with people who constantly remind you of your privilege."



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