The nature of imperfection

So many people struggle with perfectionism.

They somehow believe that once they're perceived as perfect, they'll somehow be happy.

Performance-based happiness is not happiness at all, it's a story you tell yourself about what you think happiness is.

Authentic happiness has no conditions, no prerequisites, and no expectations...true happiness is a byproduct of simply being.

Not doing, being.

I wonder if most people even recognize that perfectionism is driven by a control mechanism?

Perfectionism is a manipulation of reality for the sake of being perceived as superior; which is entirely egoic, calculative, and fear-based.

Nine out of ten times, you'll discover your need for control as the root cause of your difficulties.

And ten out of ten times your ego will not want to explore its solution: surrender; because surrender feels like losing, like weakness, and like dying.

Surrender is not for the faint of heart either, nor is it passive or suggest disinterest or apathy.

Letting go is fiercely courageous, and once you decide to do it, you will encounter significant tension, and every cell in your body will resist it tooth and nail.

Though you'll try convincing yourself its unnecessary and you'll employ any narrative that moves you towards the path of least resistance.

In the process of detachment, you'll discover grit you didn't realize you had, develop character that fortifies your personality, and display integrity that gives those around you permission to do the same.

This is what it takes to heal from the disease of perfectionism.

You may find it helpful to sit in the woods and stare at a misshapen tree for thirty minutes to appreciate that nature's beauty comes from its gracious inclusion of imperfection.

"Without grace, beauty is an unbaited hook." Proverb



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