The importance of asking the right question

Instead of asking: What do I have to do to reach my goals? Ask: Who do I have to become?

This subtle shift in questioning transitions the focus from the goal to the person, where the attention rightly deserves to be.

From here, qualities can be identified, and the appropriate skill-sets can be developed. Qualities, such as vulnerability, courage, and resilience. Skill-sets such as planning and preparing, creating boundaries, and emotional labor.

The prerequisite of all effort is loving and believing in yourself and therefore, is also the ultimate skill-set.

How do you love and believe in yourself?

Hint: It's not about doing anything, it's more fundamental than that, and pretending tactics reveal your worth cheapens its notion.

More than anything, silence reveals your inherent value. If you can't come to your YESness in silence, you won't find it on the other side of your project or to-do list.

When done right, effort will be viewed as an expression your worth; which reminds you of who you had to become to reach your goals: LOVE.

"To ask the right question is harder than to answer it." Georg Cantor



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