The difference between physical and spiritual wounds

Updated: Sep 9, 2019

Physical wounds typically heal on their own; red blood cells help to create collagen, forming the foundation for new tissue, which fresh skin then arranges over the tissue.

The healing of wounds is not a conscious process; it doesn't require motivation, desire, or willingness to work; it's part of the miraculous design of the human body.

However, spiritual wounds are a horse of a different color; they don't improve with time. In fact, an emotional injury from 20 years ago can be recalled as if it happened yesterday.

While physical injuries heal with time, spiritual injuries heal once and only once they're paid attention to...and therein lies the challenge.

As Robert Frost said, the best way out is through!

To restore your spiritual health, you must bring your pain into the fullness of silence.

From this space of stillness, allow your thoughts, emotions, sensations, etc. to surface, without judging them, labeling them, or negating them.

Just be, you and your memories, thinking what needs to be thought, feeling what needs to be felt, and honoring your past so you can reach your potential.

As you continue paying homage to the painful experiences of your past, your "open" wound transforms into a scar, and the protective energy it once released becomes contained, and your wound converts into a sacred story.

"Story is a sacred visualization, a way of echoing experience." Terry Tempest Williams



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