The biggest barrier to progress... success.

It's a catch 22.

As a MindBodySpirit Coach, when clients are stressed, they're typically very vulnerable, both sharing generously and open to receiving feedback.

As a result of their open-mindedness, things invariably begin improving and then, their receptivity to alternative points of view tends to diminish.

Their progress oftentimes causes them to become gaurded and less willing to engage challenging conversations, marked by defensiveness, scapegoating, and minimizing their pain.

Before I understood this behavior, it used to puzzle and frustrate me. Here's what I've learned...

  • This behavioral response is biological in nature, once we feel safe (less threatened/stressed), the brain is less motivated to solve problems

  • This is cultural, as symptom-chasers, when symptoms subside, so does the desire to address the underlying problems

  • This is egoic, when I made myself the center of their journey, allowing their results or lack of to define me, that's when frustration sets in

Now, I intentionally manage this conversation upfront, making them aware that progress is many times the thing that keeps them from taking the next step.

"Awareness precedes transformation!"

Michael Rizk



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