The best way to handle a "bad" day is to…

...create space for it.

The difference between a bad day and a really bad day often comes back to whether or not you've granted bad days space in your life.

Developing and engaging a generous thought process that compassionately, not critically, attempts to understand why you may be experiencing a bad day, how you've participated in it and what you can do to avoid it next time will go a long way. The alternative option is to remain the victim of a bad day and fervently transmitting your pain on to everyone who crosses your path.

At the same time, also consider the mystery of life, that there isn't always an answer and that you don't always need to have one.

Most people dream of having one "good" day after another with no setbacks along the way.

This polarizing and impractical worldview creates a massive gap between preferred and actual realities, wherein you will find a surplus of frustration, disappointment, and resentment.

Emotional pain invariably comes back to expectations.

- Why does every day have to be good?

- Who taught you to expect this?

- What's your role in making it enjoyable?

- If something outside of your control happens, are you allowing the day to become bad?

- What does resilience look like on a bad day?

Alas, the solution is balance. Exert effort into creating good days while making space for bad ones. Though, the challenge is we're so dang all-or-none...which is bad news that inevitably results in bad days.

"Unless one's philosophy is all-inclusive, nothing can be understood." Mary Ritter Beard



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