The best way to get out of the hole... to realize you're in one.

Having served the health industry nearly 20 years, what I'm most enjoying these days is the simplicity of advice I'm sharing.

Previously, everything was a mystery and anxiety-producing, I was constantly wondering why my clients wouldn't follow my suggestions, reach their goals or ever seem to enjoy the process.

I didn't realize that my insecurities were causing me to tie my worth to my clients results, making me believe I needed to be in control, leading me to give more advice instead of ask more questions and sucking all of the joy out of the experience I was providing.

Now that I understand the mechanics of the storytelling, separateness, acceptance, surrender and transformation, the dots are all connecting and I can rest inside of the unfolding process of dynamism, evolution and free will.

The best part is, I dont need to know why or have all the answers, I can simply bear the mystery and continue showing up with a spirit of generosity, compassion and empathy.

Time and again, I find myself sharing the same advice, over and again: slow down, breathe, observe, be intentional and decide.

The pattern I'm noticing is people are moving so quickly, they're completely removed from their own lives as if they're operating in a different realm...and they are.

Most people are fighting spiritual battles where there are no answers, there is no winning and there's no light at the end of the tunnel.

There's no solution to issues surrounding self-worth, fear of uncertainty and purpose, to name a few.

Well, there is a "solution" but it's not at all satisfying to the's called surrender.

Surrender, not as in giving up or being passive but surrender as in meeting the reality that you're infinitely worthy like it or not and accepting it is called grace, uncertainty is real and you're better off looking for courage instead of certainty and instead of waiting to find a purpose, you can simply live on purpose.

But this ain't worth a hell of beans if you don't slow down enough to realize the first step to getting out of the hole is being humble enough to admit you're in one.

"Awareness is the greatest agent of change." Eckhart Tolle



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