The answer is not to do it...

...the answer is to understand why you're not doing it.

The answer is not to stop emotional eating, smoking, drinking, lusting, judging, criticizing, procrastinating, putting yourself last, etc.; the "answer" is to understand why you're engaging those protective behaviors to begin with.

All behaviors are functional in nature, and protective behaviors are an expression of unmet needs, limitings beliefs, and subconscious attachments to painful experiences.

The "upside" is they distract us from unpleasant thoughts and help us numb painful emotions. The tradeoff is they maintain our insecurities and push us further away from identifying the root cause.

The bottom line is, if you don't understand it, you're not empowered to change it!

Please, for the love of growth, stop trying to change it, and simply start trying to understand it.

This requires a foundational shift from taking new action to awareness of your current actions, an entirely different way of processing reality.

Once you understand it, you can accept it, and finally, you can improve it--sequence matters!

"What you're doing is not near as important as why you're doing it." Michael Rizk



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