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The Whole Person Blog: Week Three, Day Six, Part 2/2 - Subcultures of Wellness

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Friday, January 17th, 2020

I've found most new clients severely lack support systems, and since the road is long, winding, and full of unexpected bumps, it's incredibly difficult to go the distance minus a reliable support system. These systems are part of what Dr. Mario Martinez refers to as subcultures of wellness, which posits that unless success is built into your Environment, it's unlikely you'll become or remain successful. We can't rely on the cultures we're surrounded by, whether that be at home or work, to cause or maintain our success, therefore, we must intentionally cultivate cultures that become natural extensions of who, what, and where we want to be. Of course, integrating success extends far beyond support systems to also include meaningful rituals in private settings. Here's a resource I share with my clients to help them develop generative subcultures.

Dr. Martinez describes boundaries as a prerequisite for forming subcultures:

"The people in our lives who have served as the coauthors of our dysfunctional patterns may not be ready for us to change. Instead, they may resort to emotional sabotage and other fear-based behaviors to maintain their collective but familiar misery.

A subculture of wellness, in contrast, opens opportunities to become your own best friend, share your excellence without fear of banishment, learn from mentors of wellness, and relinquish the legacy of unworthiness that has diminished the quality of your life.

To create sustainable change, you need cultural support. This does not necessarily mean you have to pack up and leave your home and family. What you do have to leave is the self-entrapment patterns you were taught, independent of where you are and whom you are with."

The development of a subculture requires overcoming a tremendous amount of inertia, a surplus of soul-searching, and a willingness to work through the painful emotions on the way to becoming present and playing an active role in your life. This anchor for this strategy is feeling safe, which comes from knowing who you are apart from the painful experiences of your past. If you're not sure which ones, any experience that caused you to call your worth into question, tainted the lens in which you view yourself through, or you feel defined by. The good news is you are not what happened to you, and I just developed a 30-day online course called The Whole Person Project to help you outgrow the problem of a poor self-image, low self-esteem, and limited identity. Safety is the byproduct of solving your identity crisis, and the byproduct of safety is the creation of a subculture that supports your wellness.

Program details here.

"Although words can take our minds to beautiful places, we have to embody our worthiness and coauthor our wellness if we wish to live there joyfully." Dr. Mario Martinez



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