Stop chasing symptoms and open the can of snakes

Emotional eating, anxiety, low energy, poor posture, people-pleasing, perfectionism, binge watching TV, procrastination, cheap thrills, etc. are all symptoms of an underlying problem.

Yet, we still chase the symptoms.

We tell ourselves we have to stop participating in those protective behaviors, completely misunderstanding why we're doing them in the first place.

Truth is, no one wants to face the underlying problem because it tends to open a can of worms...more likely, a can of snakes, poisonous ones.

So, it's easier to stay on the surface and keep busy performing the tactics associated with resolving the symptom because at least you can say you're doing something about it.

Culturally speaking, most people don't even know the difference between symptoms and their root causes--if they did, for instance, diet and exercise wouldn't be a primary strategy for weight loss.

Being overweight has nothing to do with food and a lot to do with unprocessed emotional pain that food is very good at temporarily numbing.

Symptom-chasing displays a very low level of consciousness and almost complete absence from and a lot of fear in one's life.

The fundamental shift from chasing symptoms to addressing the underlying problem occurs when one adopts the courage to become present in their life.

"No problem can be solved from the consciousness that created it." Albert Einstein



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