Self-worth doesn't waver, ever!

One point I make abundantly clear from day one with all of my clients is: Self-worth doesn't waver, ever!

I help them understand their "worth" as dynamic and constant energy that never contracts or expands.

It's impossible to decrease or increase your worth because you're not the creator of it, merely the consumer of it.

Here's how it works...

  • I finished everything on my to-do list...self-worth is 100%

  • I finished nothing on my to-do list...self-worth is 100%

  • I prioritize my fundamental needs so I can give to others...self-worth is 100%

  • I put everything and everyone else ahead of myself...self-worth is 100%

  • I finally wrote my new books...self-worth is 100%

  • I don't know if I'll ever this book...self-worth is 100%

  • I'm empathic, compassionate, and optimistic...self-worth is 100%

  • I'm judgmental, critical and pessimistic...self-worth is 100%

  • I lost 20 pounds, and I feel great...self-worth is 100%

  • I gained twenty pounds, and I feel horrible...self-worth is 100%

  • I've extended forgiveness and restored a relationship...self-worth is 100%

  • I've refused forgiveness and held a grudge...self-worth is 100%

Debating your worth is a waste of time; while you're certainly entitled to feel that way, it's important to understand the experiences you're referencing as indicators of low worth are entirely unrelated to the divine worth you received when you were born.

Worthiness is a gift of grace and you either accept it, or you don't, but matters of worth are never open for discussion, period.

Once you get the joke, you're free to integrate and stop running and hiding from all of your experiences because they no longer define you.

"Don't do anything to become worthy and do everything to express your worthiness." Michael Rizk



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