Saturday Summary: Week Twenty-Nine

I'm in the middle of a wonderful vacation, deeply enjoying my family and friends' company. Daily doses of watching the sunrise and set, long beach walks, good coffee, fresh seafood, and belly laughs have been part of my daily routine. I always come back from vacation recharged and full of new ideas and ways of helping my clients enhance their life journeys. Being on vacation always reminds me of this post.

This week, I've taken a deep dive into astronomy, cosmology, and physics to continue evolving MindBodySpirit® Coaching and The Whole Person Project, which takes a cosmological (Identity-based) approach towards helping people outgrow their challenges. It's fascinating how all of the laws that govern the creation and function of the universe mimic human nature.

I've been blown away by the engagement of my blog since returning to daily writing. Website visits are up 52%, post views are up 1270%, and post shares are up 8200%!!! I typically hesitate to share these types of metrics because they're not reflective of how I measure success. However, it is evidence that reveals what can happen when you allow peaceful, loving joy to emerge from your being.

This Sunday kicks off our first free trial for The Whole Person Project, where we will teach a new group of people how to heal and transform from the inside-out. If you've been contemplating taking a new approach towards your happiness and health goals, be sure to sign up for our August offering.

Last week's posts...

Sunday: The statement every perfectionist needs to finish

Most people don't realize that deep to perfectionism is a need for a control stemming from a lack of safety.

Monday: What do you see...

What do you see when you think of who you are?

Tuesday: Tuning out of fearful frequencies

Our problems are relative to the frequencies of life we're tuned into.

Wednesday: A refreshing way to look at stress

Stress is stressful, and when you have a framework of how to process it, well, it isn't so stressful.

Thursday: Infinite choices and abundant decisions

We have so many choices and the secret to making decisions is related to your Identity.

Friday: Waves as experiences

Unlike waves, our experiences are treated differently, but do they have to be?

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