Saturday Summary: Week Thirty-Five

My life is unfolding in wondrous ways, and while I always used to wait for the other shoe to drop, I now recognize that it's all coming from a well of abundance, one that never runs dry.

My True Self is infinite peaceful, loving joy, and recognizing it as my essence; grants me unlimited opportunities to allow it to flow through me. I don't make it happen, I let it happen, and I call it surrendered action.

It manifests as a daily meditation to reflect eternal peace, random acts of kindness to express boundless love, and warm greetings to express endless joy.

The more I use these gifts; they multiply as they help others know they possess these gifts too. A true win-win!!

Last week's posts...

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We are the stories we tell ourselves.

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Let's not remove challenges, but place them into our children's path.

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Our protective behaviors serve as a cover-up for our emotional pain.

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He could hit a tune, but this Frank Sinatra quote misses the mark.

Friday: VLOG - How to deal with challenges

The answer is not to avoid challenges; the solution is to have a framework for dealing with them.

"Sometimes, you will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory." Dr. Seuss



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