REST-Day Rejuvenation

I routinely ask people to identify words describing how they feel relative to their current quality of life, and I commonly hear: anxious, overwhelmed, exhausted, distracted, and dissatisfied. These descriptors perfectly describe the nature of the false self, the self that perceives it’s separate from everything and everyone, defines itself extrinsically, and is inherently insecure and unstable. The one thing the false self is incapable of is REST.

On the other hand, the True Self is eternally connected to all things, defines itself by its relationship to the Source, and is infinitely grounded. The people I’ve met who are rooted in their True nature describe their quality of life as peaceful, content, fulfilling, abundant, and expansive. These people aren’t superhuman; they know WHO they are apart from the painful experiences of their past, and REST has become a way of life.

In The Whole Person Project, we help people realize their preferred reality by helping them awaken to their True Self, which is only happening for our members in RESTed states. Our strategy is simple REST > YES > FLOW. Once you learn how to REST (lower expectations, accept reality, surrender attachments, etc.), you will experience your YESness (True Self, original goodness, intrinsic worthiness, etc.), and your life will become a FLOW (generative, opportunistic, joyous, etc.). This process highlights how change occurs from the inside-out.

My life’s passion is to teach as many people as possible to experientially encounter their True Self so that they can get a taste of heaven before getting there. To that end, we’ve developed a free weekly offering called REST-Day Rejuvenation, a REST meditation and restorative movement sequence, designed to help you recognize your Wholeness.

We can’t help you become Whole; we can only support you in becoming aware of and awakened to it. Please, join us, we’d love to have you!

“Remember, once all restless activity ceases, your integral nature will appear.” Lao Tzu



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