Removing guilt from self-care

I have a client who struggles to engage in self-care practices because she feels guilty investing time into herself.

During her formative years, she was rewarded for placing others' needs before her own, and today, as a grown woman, she's perfectly adapted to her childhood conditioning, continuing to place everything and everyone else ahead of herself.

In fact, placing herself first would be a "betrayal" to those who modeled that behavior.

Staying the same feels both safe and loyal!

Therein lies the "problem."

This behavior is so deeply ingrained in her MindBodySpirit®; it's going to take a tremendous amount of conscious effort to redirect this path.

My strategy for her is a combination of both inner work (getting at the roots of her challenge) and outer work (expressing herself in new ways).

This process will continue evolving one decision at a time and every action will either reinforce or redefine who she is.

"Finding yourself consists of peeling off years of social conditioning to find a self as it existed during childhood, un-masked."



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