Provoking transformation in small pockets of time

I fundamentally take a "pocket-change" approach towards transforming my life.

I realize an extra 30m of sleep each night is one week of sleep over a year--like pocket change, it all adds up!

One of my key strategies has been to leverage small pockets of time where I had previously engaged in repetitive, useless behaviors (stinkin thinkin, checking emails, rehearsing my past, etc.) and now, intentionally invest my time in chipping away at important projects (writing blogs, relationship building, learning new things, etc.).

Previously, I'd look for large amounts of time to get important work done, which first of all was challenging to find and secondly, by the time I got there, I felt so much pressure to perform, I'd often succumb to the tension and do nothing.

The Pomodoro technique is fantastic for cultivating this mentality, as are the concepts shared in Deep Work by Cal Newport and Seth Godin's relentless encouragement to do your best work in the form of "sprinting"

I see my evolution and relationship with time changing as a matter of adapting to the current climate of our culture and all strategies have emanated from my desire to access the present moment and play an active role in improving the quality of my life and those around me.

"Time isn't the main thing, it's the only thing." Miles Davis



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