Premature action is just that

Our instant-gratification culture has little capacity to delay tactics for the creation of a strategy that actually achieves results.

We'd rather exert effort for effort's sake so we can claim the busy badge to justify our urgent nature.

Any action taken prior to the formation of a sound plan is always premature action...a shot in the dark at best.

This may be where the phrase "going nowhere fast" originated.

This is a reflection of the unsettled nature of our nation and our struggle to find joy outside of ourselves.

Once you're aware of this behavioral tendency, you're fully empowered to improve it.

In the fullness of the present moment, you can generously inquire and observe your patterns.

Once you get it, you've got it, and you'll know it when haste no longer makes sense, and you find yourself surrendering endless tactics for purposeful, mature action.

"Hasty climbers have sudden falls." Robert Greene



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