Power vs. Empower

For the first ten years of my career as a personal trainer, I told my clients what to do; I had all the power.

Power = Listen to me, do this, and you'll be fine.

Over the last ten years of my career as a MindBodySpirit Coach, I've taught my clients how to think; I've transferred the power to them.

Empower = Here's one way to approach this; let's try it and learn from it, and grow from it, and you'll have these skills for life.

The traditional health, fitness, and wellness model is antiquated and fading. People don't want to be held captive to their professionals to enjoy happiness and health, and that's not a healthy relationship for us either.

When we consciously shift the power, we empower, we transition from protocol to process, control to surrender, taking to giving, selfishness to generosity, egocentricity to soulfulness, and fear to love.

Yep, we do all that when we prioritize the needs of others ahead of our own.

"Leaders don't create followers; they create more leaders." Tom Peters



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